From Portland: Broken Boulder Farm is located in the rocky
Simcoe Mountain foothills at the elevation of 2000 feet. It lies
just north of the little town of Goldendale, Washington. As you
drive the historic Columbia River Gorge, either side of the river
will intersect with Highway 97. Follow 97 north to Goldendale.
As you travel up Maryhill Grade you will notice to your right a
very crooked road in the draw. This is Maryhill Loop Road. It was
the first paved road in the state. Annual hill climb competitions
of vintage racecars are held here. Follow 97 up through the golden
wheat fields and up into the timber of the Simcoe Mountain Range.
You will find yourself viewing snowcapped volcanic mountains rising
to the sky as sentinels of power and beauty.

The volcanic soils in the area and arid climate of eastern Washington
are ideal growing conditions for quality lavender.

Broken Boulder Farm is about 4 miles north of town. If you take
exit 214 off of 97, you only need to go about 1/4 mile to NW 3rd St,
which will be on your right. The Goldendale Chamber of Commerce
is also at this intersection. Follow 3rd St about 1/4 mile and turn
right onto Pipeline Road. Follow Pipeline Road north of town for
about 4 miles. Turn left at the “Y” in the road– this will keep you
on Pipeline Road. We are just up the road about 1/2 mile on the
right at 290 Pipeline Road. Pipeline Road got it’s name from the
original wooden pipeline that the city fathers placed to the springs
in the Simcoe Mountains to furnish water to the town after the
majority of the town burned at the turn of the 19th century. These
springs are still used to this day for the majority of the water supply.

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